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National Park

The largest National park of The Netherlands

The largest National Park of The Netherlands is located in Zeeland! Just about in our backyard. There are plenty of things to see and do. We look forward to let you experience it for yourself during a cruise. In case you are curious in advance, you can read the highlights of the Oosterschelde National Park here.

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From river mouth to estuary

The National Park is a spacious nature reserve. It is located on the south coast of the islands Schouwen-Duiveland and Tholen and on the north coast of North and South Beveland. On the west end you can find the famous Delta Works. This is where the Oosterschelde gets in touch with the North Sea.

The Oosterschelde used to be a river mouth. With the arrival of the Oosterscheldekering (Delta Works) the Oosterschelde changed into a shallow estuary. Shallow? Yes, at low tide one third of the Oosterschelde falls dry. Each tidal cycle a tremendous amount of 800 million m3 seawater flows to and fro the Oosterschelde.

This beautiful area obtained the status of National Park in 2002. This means that the area is protected and that nature focused recreation is of great importance. During our cruises you can enjoy nature all around you!

Seals, porpoises and thousands of birds

During the cruises we often spot seals. They are looking for fish or are just relaxing on the Roggenplaat sandbank. More and more often we encounter porpoises. The whistling sound of thousands of birds that live in the area contribute to the entire experience. Seagulls, Waders, Eurasion Oystercatchers, Pied Avocets and Common Redshanks are a couple of species that brood behind the embankments.

Dive into a wonderful underwater world

The Oosterschelde is one of the most beautiful diving destinations of The Netherlands. The Zeelandbrug and the Plompe toren are well known diving sites where you can spot many animal species such as lobsters, oysters, mussels, cuttlefish, squids and seahorses. The Oosterschelde is also called the nursery from the North Sea because the offspring of the Garfish, Viviparous Eelpout, European Anchovy and the Squid are born here.

Step aboard and experience it yourself!

MS Onrust has a favorable location between the Zeelandbrug and the Delta Works. Step aboard in Burghsluis and experience the beauty of the Oosterschelde yourself. Just seeing it is not enough. You experience it wit hall your senses. Observe the nature, smell the water, feel the wind and taste the salt.

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