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About MS Onrust

Welcome on the Onrust, the passenger vessel in Burghsluis

We organise cruises throughout the entire year. From family cruise to nature cruise and fun specials. Thousands of passengers experienced it already!

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About us

We are Marcel and Jacqueline, owners, shipper and hostess on MS Onrust. With the help of our enthousiast and hospitable crew we aim to give you a great day on board. And that’s what we do since 2005! Burghsluis is our ‘safe haven’, this is where you can step aboard. Burghsluis can be found at short distance from Burgh-Haamstede and Zierikee on the beautiful island of Schouwen-Duiveland. With the Onrust we sail across the Oosterschelde, the largest National Park of The Netherlands. Both locals and tourists enjoy to come along with us to just sit back and enjoy the view.

The ship

MS Onrust has a length of 40 meters, a width of 10 meters and depth of 2,3 meters. It offers 150 seats outdoors and 100 seats indoors. When it rains you would prefer to sit inside but during hot summer days, nothing beats sitting outside. Just soak up the sun, the wind and the salty air. Whatever the weather is like during your cruise, we make it a great one.

Why the name MS Onrust?

This ship was built in the year 1953 and is used as a ferry between Papendrecht and Dordrecht un and till 1969. After that, it was turned into a dive salvage vessel in Vlissingen. This is where the ship got her name ‘Onrust’. She is called after a sandbank in the North Sea. We bought the ship in 2004. We transferred it into a passenger vessel and started cruising with it one year later.

The name Onrust was preserved on purpose. Did you know that according to legends renaming a ship brings bad luck?

Facilities on board

The ship is almost entirely accessible by wheelchair. Wheelchair users can enjoy the cruise indoors and outdoors. The only part not accessible by wheelchair is the sun deck. The gangways have a width of 2 meters and toilets for the disabled are available as well. During the cruise the galley is open. The menu includes all sorts of tasty drinks and bites to enjoy during the cruise.

Dagattracties Zeeland

We are affiliated with 'Dagattracties Zeeland'. On the website of 'Dagattracties Zeeland' you will find the nicest, nicest and most special attractions in Zeeland and the surrounding area!

Pick up point

Nieuwe Havenweg 5
4328 NK Burghsluis

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+31 653535297